The IDAIA Group reinvests nearly 10% of its turnover in research every year. Innovation is an integral part of the Group’s DNA and is an important part of the development of its products and services. To this end, for many years the Group has had a dedicated department that organises technological intelligence and carries out extensive R&D work.

Constantly looking for the latest technologies and innovative uses…

We continuously detect
the latest innovative technologies and uses.

We apply
these technologies to our own needs.

We offer
customers the benefits of these findings.

Research programmes at the heart of our development strategy

Through a research programme supported by the New Aquitaine Region and CATIE (Centre Aquitain des Technologies de l’Information et Electroniques), the IDAIA Group actively participates in meeting the challenges of corporate digital transformation, more specifically in the fields of marketing and digital strategy.

We give priority in our work :

  • to comprehensive approaches to collect, process, analyse, categorise, store and value data,
  • to methods that transform massive quantities of data into structured and integrated information and then into activatable knowledge.

Advanced Big Data technologies, open programming interfaces (APIs) and mobile interfaces are most likely to revolutionise services in the coming years. Significant resources are therefore devoted to conducting in-depth and operational experiments.

Stéphane LIENERE
Stéphane Liénéré, technique et innovation Data