Create your own tailor-made prospecting base!

Gain access, as needed, to a database listing all the companies in France, their managers and main decision-makers according to your project:

  • Multi-channel base: reach your audience by land mail, email, land line, mobile line and fax.
  • Multi-criteria: activity, function, turnover, balance sheet, number of employees, date of creation, etc. with exclusive criteria such as e-commerce activity, websites, social network pages, etc., but also information relating to the brand and trade name network.
  • Geolocalised: accurately structure your BtoB operations geographically.

Develop your BtoB customer knowledge

Boost your knowledge of your BtoB customers

  • Segmentation for better targeting: qualify your customer file, refine your targets.
  • Scoring: what if your data allowed you to predict the behaviour of your targets? Identify prospects with a profile similar to that of your customers (look-alike approach).

Adapt your strategy to customer behaviour, tailor your offers, and address them to a selection of finely targeted addresses to improve your performance and results.

Generate BtoB leads

Identify your BtoB visitors and communicate to an audience interested in your offer

  • Turn anonymous visitors to your website into customers,
  • Identify and qualify visitors who don’t leave their contact information,
  • Access behavioural data about your site audience, and lists of prospects sensitive to your topics,
  • Follow the evolution of their interests and establish contact with them at the right time,
  • Enrich your CRM with key information about decision-makers,
  • Get real opportunities to create business through predictive scoring, re-targeting, etc.
  • Possible interconnections with high added value with our different solutions.

Networked development in BtoB

Make the best decisions for your network thanks to geomarketing

  • Map your network and optimize commercial sectorisation,
  • Access useful local information,
  • Optimize your territorial network, etc.

Also, through our solutions, open up a whole new field of possibilities in terms of prospecting and customer loyalty:

  • Identify areas with growth potential for your business;
  • Validate the best locations for your future points of sale;
  • Optimize your commercial breakdown, manage your business development;
  • Target the right people to communicate locally by downloading prospect contact information.