Data repository

Built around the official and institutional base of the market, the added value of the IDAIA Group’s BtoB data capital resides in the richness and diversity of the BtoB data held, coming from multiple sources. Aggregated, then structured, these data reveal meaning and value to optimize the performance of your BtoB marketing communication campaigns. Whether it be:

  • Statutory data,
  • Essential information to target and contact profiles with high decision-making power in a company,
  • Complete profiles of corporate life,
  • Contact data (landlines, mobile phones, emails), etc..,

The IDAIA Group provides you with real strategic resources.

Quality of company data

The quality of your data, customers, prospects or suppliers, is the prerequisite for any marketing and commercial action.

  • Process and make your data more reliable (contact details, SIRET, addresses to be standardised, etc.),
  • Keep your data up to date,
  • Enrich incomplete data (means of contact, behaviour, socio-demographic information),
  • Eliminate inconsistencies for greater efficiency,
  • Delete duplicates (deduplication).

This provides you with quality data that is always up to date and usable.

Enrichment with BtoB data

  • In contact data: active e-mail / phone / mobile.
  • In operational functions: managers / decision-makers.
  • In financial data / insolvency proceedings.
  • Additional strategic data: intra-community VAT number, sector of activity, number of employees, legal category, date of creation, etc..
  • In geographical data: XY, IRIS, islands.


The IDAIA Group’s expertise provides you with a reference base on shareholders and shareholdings:

  • Discover all the companies attached to an executive,
  • Identify the secondary establishments of a head office,
  • Access detailed information on the head offices of brands and retailers and their members,
  • Have a complete tree structure of a group: group head, direct and indirect subsidiaries,

And much more!