Keep a close eye on your third parties! The right data at the right time.

The IDAIA Group checks the financial health of your customers and suppliers for you:

  • Solvency checks (default score, balance sheet, turnover, etc.) to reduce the risk of non-payment,
  • Information on the entire life of the company: mergers, takeovers, insolvency proceedings, etc..

Business alerts

Go one step further and receive alerts of any new events from a professional! New information about the company: change of managers, relocation, merger, takeover? Has your strategic supplier just filed for bankruptcy protection? A dormant prospect has gone from an average failure score to very good? Etc. Monitoring events and alerting in real time is a good way to anticipate threats and opportunities. This monitoring process is possible.

The whole thing, whether by means of:

  • API connectors directly integrated on the company’s own tools and IS,
  • or SaaS solutions as close as possible to the professions concerned,
  • or simply through a single file, or even regularly updated files.

In this way, you thus immediately assess the reliability related to your suppliers, service providers, customers and keep control of your activity.

Market control and BtoB risks management in times of Covid-19 crisis

The IDAIA Group offers you to follow recent developments at national, regional or sectorial level to help you protect yourself from BtoB risks by controlling your market data. Access a graphical and dynamic dashboard that allows you to visualize company failure data and analyze the major trends in your market!

With our SaaS solutions, for example, monitor your market daily to ensure the sustainability of your business: the combination of datadrive® aware and datadrive® market, modules of the datadrive® solutions platform, will enable you to merge targeting criteria with customer risk management in a single space.

Marjolaine Martin
Product manager datadrive® solutions