Varied and complementary partners

A rich BtoC data base, diversified thanks to the multiplicity of your sources and partners. All our data comes from:

  • Open Data,
  • Advertisers / pure players,
  • Independent private publishers,
  • Traditional media / content sites,
  • The trade press,
  • Geolocation tools (Bing, IGN, Google MAP, …).


Have an accurate view as to the quality and reliability of your database!

The audit provides an external, neutral, pragmatic and informed view of your data.
The goals are multiple:

  • Implement corrective or optimization actions on the collection / management.
  • Enrich your database with additional information.
  • Realign your communication strategy with the audience (content / messages / distribution channels …. ) and regenerate commitment.

Quality of data

The quality of your data is no longer an option!

In this customer-centric age, your Data repository must be beyond reproach.
Before starting all of your marketing actions, it is imperative to make all of your databases reliable and check them.
On the agenda:

  • Cleaning,
  • Deduplication: detection and removal of duplicates,
  • Restructuring : Postal Address Verification (RNVP), telephone restructuring, ..

What’s in it for me?
A healthy, reliable and updated database for you to develop relevant acquisition actions, building loyalty, and with a return on investment.

Enrichment with BtoC data

Key to the success of your BtoC marketing strategies, the enrichment of your databases will allow you to access a better knowledge of your customers, to improve customer loyalty, to better prospecting.

Possible enrichment with:

  • Email data: email appending / reverse appending,
  • Land line / mobile data,
  • Geographic data: address geocoding (XY coordinates),
  • Socio-demographic criteria,
  • Appetence data & interests,
  • Specific data: energy typology.

An enriched database for targeted and relevant prospecting and loyalty strategies.