Single customer vision

It’s time to unify all your customer data

A single 360-degree view allows all customer-related information to be aggregated in a single database. Off-line and on-line data no longer need to be dispersed, gather all your data in a single database.

Multiple advantages: centralized vision of your customers, extended analysis potential, improved segmentation, accuracy and customization!

Centralizing data means having the tools and indicators to manage your business with real-time reliable information.

Philippe Turco
Base Plus Development Director


Give value to your customers!

In order to know your customers, to propose targeted, relevant and specific offers to them according to their profiles and needs, segmentation is today an essential step in a customer knowledge process.

Perfect the segmentation of your customer base:

  • RFM segmentation.
  • Lifestyle segmentation.

With this knowledge and this enriched vision of your customer base, you can define new and relevant areas of analysis.

Exclusive Neoprisme® typology

Tell us where your customers live, and we’ll tell you who they are!

New French population analysis in 54 portraits, Neoprism® is a typology built on :

  • Geomarketing data at IRIS,
  • 200 aggregated socio-demographic criteria.

Reliable socio-demographic data put to good use… the key to a top-class marketing performance!


Listen to customers

Indispensable levers to improve loyalty and detect new needs, surveys are a way to bond with your customers, to listen to their feelings and their possible points of dissatisfaction.

  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Post-purchase survey
  • NPS – Net Promoter Score
  • Barometer


Predict to act effectively !

Gain targeting efficiency: focus on the prospects and customers who have the best chance of adopting the behaviour you hope for.

  • Respondent Score
  • Appetence score produced
  • Attrition score / churn

The implementation of scores within marketing strategies is a must!

The benefits are multiple:

  • Refine knowledge about customers
  • Propose specific offers through targeted relational scenarios
  • Optimize the ROI of marketing campaigns