Real-time collection

Control and qualify your customer data from your tools:

  • Standardize postal format addresses (Postal Address Verification – RNVP) in your customer web forms.
  • Qualify your contacts using a phone number: First name, Last name, Address.
  • Geolocate your addresses: latitude, longitude, IRIS, islands,
  • Enrich your contact records with phone numbers.

Identity verification, RIB

Fight fraud!

Identity fraud, wire transfer fraud… Data is the key to anticipating risks!

  • Check the identity of your contacts: check name, first name, address..
  • Check Email: email address entry.
  • Control in real time the IBANs of your customers and suppliers throughout the payment chain: detection of the existence of the IBAN and correspondence with the account holder.

Supplier alert

Receive alerts in response to any changes (bankruptcies…)

Cascading failures, cash flow difficulties… to anticipate these risks as well as possible, the IDAIA Group has developed a new API to be alerted in real time to all types of events affecting your suppliers: insolvency proceedings, change of default score, de-registration, new company registration number, new management board, etc.