Transform every BtoB customer experience into a success story usign data

By controlling the information of a market, a sector of activity, a region, or a company,
By knowing your contacts and their decision and purchasing cycles..
Through the right marketing and communication tools,
You can take control of your BtoB relationship.

  • Completeness and logging of French BtoB data for more than 30 years, powerful technologies, private and public partners;
  • Depending on your needs, access to data when required or continually with our APIs,  stand-alone or accompanied;
  • The richest database on the market with exclusive criteria to respond to business and sectoral issues (e.g. energy, banking…);
  • Quality Commitment:
    – An up-to-date quality reference system that complies with the regulations in force. Accuracy and precision: safe and recognized processes for more than 30 years.
    – Cutting-edge methodologies, tailor-made actions adapted to your business challenges.

When put into perspective with our other business expertise, our BtoB data capital stands out as a true agile decision-making tool for all operational departments of companies.

Régis Barbier
Founder of the IDAIA Group
Régis Barbier, Groupe IDAIA