Prospects databases

Prospect with accuracy and relevance

Gain access to one of the richest data repositories on the BtoC market: 47 million addressable profiles throughout France. Precise and targeted selection based on advanced segmentation criteria:

  • Points of contact: target your prospects by land mail, email, land line, mobile phone and SMS.
  • Socio-demographic data: age, phone, socio-economic classification, wealth index, type of housing, housing occupation status, etc..
  • Appetence data and Centres of interest.
  • Browsing data.
  • Geographic data.

Look-alike strategy

Why not opt for ultra-targeted prospecting?

Have you ever thought about scoring your prospects so as to find targets with the same profile as your customers?
Knowing your customers makes it a lot easier to get to know your prospects. Have the “look-alike” reflex to steer your marketing and sales resources in the right direction!

No more mass prospecting… prospect with accuracy and relevance!

Intentionists and milestone moments

16 consumer universes you can target from interest to purchase intent

By analysing browsing habits and semantics, combined with a precise scoring of a wide selection of partner web sites, we can target profiles according to:

  • Their affinity with a known Interest Centre, Milestone Moment (move, birth, home purchase, etc.),
  • A passion (food, sports, travel, etc.),
  • A preference for a specific brand,
  • Proximity to an imminent purchase (car, home, travel, high tech, etc.).

Identify “intentionist” profiles, milestone moments, and known interests. And then move on to marketing campaigns to generate leads and sales.